When You Need a Specialized Technician

26. May 2016 Utilities 0

Certain things around the house can’t be solved unless you call for a professional technician to help you out. We’re talking about those small problems that you might have with your utilities and the equipments that are used by these – the water, the gas and the electricity are things that you can’t play around with hero-page-3-31and only a professional should try to solve them.

Let’s see what those special situations are when you need a utility technician.


The Plumber

The plumber is needed when you have a water damage situation, like when the water is not running or when there is a leak inside your walls from the water pipe. Wondering what he does? It’s easy – the plumber will check out all the faucets and the pipes to see where the problem is. Sometimes, it can be from the HVAC system, and you’re going to have to call for someone else, while other times it’s just a pipe that is broken and needs changing.

A plumber is usually found through a water damage company, so if you have a bigger problem with the water – meaning if there was a flood, if the pipe broke and created mold and humidity along with water in the basement and other disturbing situations, they could come and solve everything at once. Usually, the price is also cheaper if you get a bigger package.

However, make sure you call someone specialized, because trying to solve the problem alone might cause more harm than good.



The Gas Technician

If you have a HVAC system that is working on gas, the gas technician is the best person to call if your HVAC system isn’t working anymore. There are certain circuits that are very sensitive in a HVAC system and even if the system is new, it still needs an annual check-up to make sure that it is working properly.

When there is a problem, the technician will check out all the components of the system and you will get a written report with what needs to be done to solve the problem. It will be up to you if you do the repairs or not, but if the HVAC system still has warranty, many of the components can be changed with a discount price or for free.

The thing is that the HVAC system usually uses all the three resources – water, gas and electricity, so this type of technician is specialized in solving more than just one situation. However, he won’t fix you any broken pipes if there is a leak in the basement or in the pipes from the walls – this is when you call the plumber, so pay attention to what kind of problems you have when you call someone to help you out.


The Electrician3699037.png-940x370-940x370

This type of specialist needs to be called if there is a problem with the electrical circuit of the house. You don’t have to call an electrician if you need to change a lighting bulb, unless you really don’t know how to do it. However, if there is a blown fuse or if the lights don’t work in the whole house, you might want to call someone specialized to take a look at the electrical system.

They are qualified and certified to do these kinds of repairs and you might avoid other problems – a fire can easily start from a short-circuit in a lamp or in an electrical appliance, so don’t wait too much, especially if a socket has burned out or if it has burned a TV, the fridge or any other item that you use around the house.

Changing Your Utility Bills When You Change the Address

26. May 2016 Utilities 0

296260-thermal-imaging-bury-lancashire-pendle-electrical-contractors-commercial-electriA house can be called a home if it has all the needed utilities that people use every day – water, electricity and gas, as these are very important for ensuring the comfort of those living there. However, what do you do when you sell your house and you change the address? You won’t have to pay anymore for those utilities, as you won’t be staying there anymore, so there is a certain procedure that you have to follow to solve this situation.

Let’s see what to do to change the billing address for your utilities.


The Water Company

When you sell your house, you’ll have to notify the water company about this, as they need to know that you are not living there anymore. The contract will cease from the day you sell the house – when there is a new owner, but you will still have to pay everything up until then. Because of this, it’s better to call them or notify them through an email and ask them to come and read the water meter. This will help you pay exactly what you have used and you could go without worrying that the water will be charged on your bill once you move.



When you get to your new house, make sure that you notify the water company about this. There could be the same water provider or there could be a different water provider – in either case, you will need to have a new contract for the new location.

There could also be a water meter installed and you can’t ask the water company to remove it. If you don’t have one, ask for one – it will keep your water bill lower and you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be paying.


The Gas Company

There are houses that use a HVAC system based on gas and there are houses that use a HVAC system based on electricity. If you had gas at your former residence, it’s better to call them and notify them about the change in your address. As in the case of the water company, they will come and read the gas meter, so that you will know exactly how much you have to pay.

If you don’t have gas at your new address, you could seek out the local gas provider and ask if they could install the gas at your new address. This is not always possible, but if it is, it usually costs a lot of money utilitiesand there’s an entire procedure that needs to take place – you have to make a project with a specialized engineer and this project needs to be approved by the gas company. Only after this is done and you’ve gotten the needed approvals from those responsible will you be able to have it installed.


The Electricity Company

As was the case with the rest of the utilities, you will also have to notify the electricity company. They will close the contract that you’ve had on your old address and you will get a new one on your new address. However, before doing this, make sure you check the electric system with a specialized technician. The “meter” needs to work perfectly, otherwise you will be paying more than what you actually use. Even so, if your HVAC system works on electricity, be prepared to pay more money than what you used to pay if you’ve had a gas system for your HVAC.

Registering at your new address should be easy and it shouldn’t take you more than just a few days for all the utilities that you have. If you are looking for a company who could help you with, please contact United Utilities.